Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Jiggers Project

With the assistance of Rotarians in Malindi, the rotaracts in Malindi were in Magarini to confront the jiggers menace. Over 100 patients who could not even walk due to the jiggers benefited immensely from this benevolence.

There are estimated 400 people infested with jiggers in Magarini. Some have dropped out of school due to the jiggers. Some are bed ridden due to the Jiggers.

Jiggers are parasitic fleas that lodge in susceptible individuals skin and rapidly multiply as they affect other body parts. Causing itchy sores as they burrow into tissues-eating up surrounding tissues. Severe cases loose fingers and toes.This predisposes to severe skin infections and sometimes death if not treated.

You can support this ongoing projects by contributing through the Rotary club of Malindi. It costs about 25 USD to treat one jigger patient fully.

The Munyonyo Conference

Malindi rotarians are so excited about the 86th conference in Munyonyo this month.

The Marathon

The Rotary club of Malindi is organising for a Marathon this August in aid of Polio plus and Education of bright and needy students in Malindi.

Registration for all races will be kshs1,000/-

Categories will be:
full marathon
Half Marathon
The 10km road race
The 5 Km road race.

Watch this space for more updates.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Supporting Mpirani Prymary School

The Rotary Club of Malindi is supporting Mpirani Prymary school to improve the learning enviroment of these Angels, through the benevolence of Donald Cruser.

Here is the Feedback:
"The inter-school pupils, the committee and the parents of Mpirani Primary school are sending their great thanks to you Done and the pupils who the contributing little support you send to us the school managed to do some things like the blackboards the desks and one toilet.

we will be great to get more funds from you people over there and this funds will enable us to add more toilets, desks and blackboards to add on this. This school is now having three more class and the children are attending there lessons under trees.

We have already started the construction of three classes, what we need now is the roofing materials. If we will get more money we will be able to buy the roofing materials so that they can get some good rooms for studies because we are now approaching rainy season.
Thank you in advance",from Mpirani Prymary school

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Secondary school scholarship

The Rotary club of Malindi is proud to announce, that six high potentials have been awarded secondary scholarships. The funds were raised in an event, Boda boda ride last year. You can donate a four year scholarship through the rotary club of Malindi and build a better generation.

The Presidents Dinner

This monumentous event is being held in Malindi, at the sea View resort

Friday, May 14, 2010

Malindi Rotary Visit to the Malindi Womens Prison in Mtangani.

Fellow Rotarians,

Following our Wednesday Fellowship where the Plight of Women living in the Prison who had been blessed with babies in the last one month was highlighted...
The Club raised 5,000/- and I shopped for the women for their essentials, plus the babies, knowing very well the condition in the Prison.
The Rotary in Conjunction with Red Cross this morning visited the Womens Prison in Malindi to a welcoming reception and attached are pictures of Our President, Dhanji Naran, Accompanied with Incoming President Noordin and Rotarian Zipporah, Gitonga, Together with Rotarian Majid who doubles up as the Chairman of Red Cross, at the event and the happy inmates who were happy to receive our humble donations.
Thanking you each one of your contribution.
Rtn Zipporah Gitonga