Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday 26th November at Jardin Lorna "information dinner"

Payment for food 600 Kes pp – pleas register and pay with Rtn Heidi at the entrance.

Information Dinner

Jardin Lorna

Time : 19:30



Start entertainment – several artist

Welcome drinks

Snacks served on the tables ( vegetarian – Indian )


Start meeting by president with prayer and toast.

Every Rtn to introduce him – her selves by :



Activity in Rot. Club

All guest to introduce themselves ;



  • President Erick to brief something about his position as a president and what is Rotary is about . ( Max 3 minutes )

  • Kioko to say something about study bursary . ( 1 min)

  • Marietta to speak about current projects in Rotary ( 3 min )

  • Noordin to explain about Sergeant at arms – contribution and where the normal meetings take place. ( 2 min)

  • Nicola to speak something about PR – website and tell guests and Rotarians how they can see the dvd he just made for DG ( let it be present during the meeting ) ( 2 min )

  • Mustafa to brief people about the fact that there are several comities with Rotary club and which one there are – just name them is enough. ( 3 min)

  • Umesh to read the 4 way test .

  • Ria – to tell something about : how to continue from this information dinner to induction. ( 1 min )

  • President to ask if guest are having questions so far.

  • .20: 30 ( latest ) Start dinner ( Both vegetarian and meat available )

21:00 Closing of the information dinner with the toast by Pres Erick !

Monday, November 17, 2008

The laboratory in Langobaya is almost ready!

Thanks to Rtn Mustafa, that has taken this pictures in Langobaya showing that the laboratory in Langobaya is almost ready!!

The picture shows the laboratory on the right and the classroom built in August on the left.

DG coast clubs joint party

Last Saturday 14th November, the Rotary Club of Malindi was the most numerous club at the DG party held in Mombasa.

During the party we inducted our new member Heidi Reil, that had the honour to be inducted by the DG Kaushik Manek himself.