Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Supporting Mpirani Prymary School

The Rotary Club of Malindi is supporting Mpirani Prymary school to improve the learning enviroment of these Angels, through the benevolence of Donald Cruser.

Here is the Feedback:
"The inter-school pupils, the committee and the parents of Mpirani Primary school are sending their great thanks to you Done and the pupils who the contributing little support you send to us the school managed to do some things like the blackboards the desks and one toilet.

we will be great to get more funds from you people over there and this funds will enable us to add more toilets, desks and blackboards to add on this. This school is now having three more class and the children are attending there lessons under trees.

We have already started the construction of three classes, what we need now is the roofing materials. If we will get more money we will be able to buy the roofing materials so that they can get some good rooms for studies because we are now approaching rainy season.
Thank you in advance",from Mpirani Prymary school