Thursday, February 26, 2009

Asante, Danke Winfried! - Make dreams real - A Christmas Present for Malindi

Last Christmas the family of Rtn Winfried, from Essen Germany, did not get any Christmas presents as they decided the money should go to provide school desks for the children of Malindi.
Mrs Mzungu, the Headmistress, was delighted with the gift.
Rtn Dhanji, Marita,and Heidi were vey happy to see the children clapping and singing when they received the desks.
This has made dreams real.

Celebration at Langobaya on 1st February 2009

Rotary Club of Malindi took the opportunity to introduce to our new rotarians the project at Langobaya, with the induction party of Bilha and Heidi.
Eleven members took a school bus offered by Rtn Kioko and drove over 50 km, a two our drive, to see the project.
The two classrooms and the laboratory were admired by the group. The construction of the buildings were supervised by Rtn. Mustafa of RC Malindi, and were financed by RC of Como and Karibuni onlus (Italy).
Together with the Headmaster and assistant Headmaster of the school, the rotarians, Anns and friends (and some ants) celebrated the occasion with a picnic in the classrooms. Afterwards Kioko and Fester were showing how to play Prosecco volleyball. It was an enjoyable day for everyone.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The visit of Rtn Gianfranco and other visiting rotarians

Today in our club we were very happy to have received the visit of Gianfranco with three more rotarians from Italy plus we received the visit from a rotarian of Nairobi. Here is the all group at the end of the evening meeting.