Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Message from the DG Chris Mutalya

Fellow Rotarians,
It is a Happy New Year, but not for many people in Kenya.
It is sad to note that the recently concluded election in Kenya have resulted into post-election
violence of unprecedented dimensions.
I therefore would like to make a special appeal and request for assistance to the thousands of
displaced Kenyans across the Country as a result of the on-going post election violence countrywide.
Hundreds of thousands of Kenyans especially the vulnerable women and children have been
displaced and are lacking basic necessities such as food, water, clothing and shelter. Some of the
worst hit areas are the Slums in Mathare and Kibera areas in Nairobi and other major cities. Am
making a passionate appeal to Rotarians and friends of Rotary to come out and lend a hand; and
reach out and share what we have in the true spirit of Service Above Self; and demonstrate that
"Rotary Shares" and we care for our fellow brothers and sisters now in dare need of our helping
I am aware that the Rotarian in Nairobi have started on this effort under the leadership of DGE
Kaushik Manek. The appeal includes essential items like Maize Flour, Sugar, Water, Salt, Blankets, etc.,
and cash donations are also welcome and will be used to purchase these and any other essential
Please contact or forward your contribution/support to the following Rotarians:
Rtn. Robert Kinyua +254 722 707378, e-mail:,
DGE Kaushik Manek +254 722 511445, e-mail: ,
PAG Bimal Kantaria +254 733 625557, e-mail:,
Fellow Rotarians, lets stand up to be counted, lets "Lend a Hand" and assist those in need and let us
"Lead The Way" to reconciliation in the troubled communities of Kenya because "Rotary Shares".
All the best,
Chris Mutalya

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