Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rotary Disaster Relief-Fund

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Recent events in our country need no introduction. We have all seen the wanton killings and destruction and looting of property. This has resulted in over 200,000 displaced persons in different parts of the country. The origins of this unrest are various and the remedies suggested diverse. We as Rotarians can in the spirit of this year's theme 'Rotary Shares', share some of what we have with those in our midst who have been most affected by the mayhem.

We have set up a disaster relief committee through which we shall coordinate the Rotary efforts in the Coast for maximum effect. We shall be working closely with the Red Cross. Similar committees have been set up in Nairobi and other parts of the District.

We have identified over 1,500 displaced persons at the Coast in the following areas:

* Holy Ghost Catholic Cathedral(Nkrumah Road)
* Makupa Hospital
* Dog Section Police Post –on the way to Mishomoroni
* Likoni Consolata Catholic Church
* Bomu Catholic Church (near Airport)

The displaced persons have the following needs:

* Maize meal
* Rice
* Beans
* Cooking oil
* Powdered milk/Long life milk
* Water
* Sugar
* High energy supplementary biscuits
* Bed sheets
* Clothes
* Shoes
* Sanitary items

They also require medical assistance particularly at Dog Section and Likoni Consolata Catholic Church

Other areas of need which have been severely hit by the transport crisis and hiked food prices are: Coast General Hospital, orphanages and old people's Homes. They need our help too.

As Rotarians we hope to intervene in the short term by:

* Donating foodstuffs and provisions
* Solicit for contributions in cash and kind from our partners and well wishers
* Provide medical assistance

We appeal to all Rotarians to generously contribute. Club Presidents are requested to appeal to well wishers, Rotaractors and Rotarians to fundraise for this worthy cause. Let us all assist the innocent children, men and women living out in the cold.

Mombasa Club (Chini Club) has agreed to provide a room which shall serve as a collection point. Please mark all the items collected and deposit at the Mombasa Club (Chini Club). Cash contributions can be made to a Disaster Relief Fund details of which will be advised shortly.

We intend to contribute whatever has been collected, on Sunday 13th January, 2008 in line with our fellow Rotarians' activities in other parts of the country. Please try and have your contributions at Chini Club on Saturday 12th. Details of the Sunday program will be communicated on Thursday this week.

However please note that due to the ongoing need we shall make further contributions at a later stage.

Please contribute generously

Thank you and best wishes

Yours in Rotary

Rotary Assistant Governors (coast)

AG Caroline N. Katisya

AG Dominic Mureithi

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