Monday, January 14, 2008

Help for Kenyans displaced people




Fellow Rotarians

Following a meeting of the Coast Rotary Disaster Relief Committee on Thurday 19th Jan the following positive changes have been noted.

  1. That many of the centres accommodating displaced persons have received more than enough foodstuff.
  2. That many of the families are now looking to go back to their homes and a substantial number have started moving back.
  3. The government is also providing food rations.
  4. Adequate medical care is being provided.


As a result the Disaster committee is now focusing on rehabilitation of the displaced persons rather than providing relief. The detailed rehabilitation program will be advised after the Committee's meeting on Monday 14th January, 2008.


Therefore Rotarians are encouraged to lay more focus on providing bed sheets, mattresses and other items that can enable the displaced persons reconstruct their normal lives.

Cash donations should continue to be made at the Rotary Club of Mombasa Account at Habib Bank.

The Committee has decided to postpone the function of Sunday 13th January, 2008 to a later date so as to provide more time to Rotarians to make their donations. Donated items are still being collected at the Chini Club.


AG Caroline

AG Dominic


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